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  At GSM Walla Walla we believe:
Education is the single greatest pathway to personal advancement and empowerment

 GSM Counselor Training
Ideal for individuals who are interested in becoming lay Christian counselors, as well as Pastors or other clergy interested in developing their counseling and listening skills, theories and techniques, life histories, and a study of Jesus as a counselor.  Training is a three level program:   Personal Ministry Training, Level One, and Level Two. All counselor training classes begin in the fall and end the following spring.
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Classes begin
Sept.24, 2018

  Personal Ministry Training is the foundation for those interested in entering any helping profession.  Topics covered include relationship building, basic listening skills, life histories, and a study of Jesus as a counselor.  It is the prerequisite for Level Two and Three of Counselor Training.
classes start
Sept. 19,2018
 Level Two continues the study of Jesus as a counselor and offers advanced training in working with specific mental health concerns and marriage counseling from both a professional counseling and a Biblical counseling perspective.

 Level Three fosters an even deeper understanding of counseling topics and includes time spent as a counseling intern with direct supervision.

 Boundaries Class 
This class is design to enable students to discover and develop healthy boundries which are fundamental in the healing process and improving relationships. Please contact us for infomation on the next available class.
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Classes start
Sept 25, 2018

 Changes that Heal
This this class is an eight week course utilizing Henry Cloud's Book "Changes That  Heal" in addition to Christine Caines' teachings, "Moving Past Your Past". This class is focuses on biblical solutions for those struggling with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, addiction, loneliness, resentments, guilt, feelings of inadequacy, grief over broken relationships, and difficulty connecting. Students learn to make changes such as bonding with others, separating from others, sorting out issues of good and bad , and taking charge as an adult.


 Young Samaritans
This class is designed  for the youth of our communityengaged in  developing a lifelong commitment to "serving your neighbor" and reinforcing character traits such as generosity, integrity, kindness, and loyaty. The Young Samaritans class is offered twice a year and meets every other thursday for an eight week session.
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 Good Samaritan Ministries, 1815  Portland Ave. Suite 2,  Walla Walla, WA   99362-- Phone ( 509)-529-2322 -- Email:  gsmw2@goodsamaritanmin.com